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My name is Karen McKinney. I began Main Line Organizing & Redesign after realizing how much I loved the challenge of tackling projects - taking them from start to finish and bringing order to chaos. I also have a passion for redesigning spaces - to create a fresh new look providing greater efficiency to living and working areas.

This became evident while working as Manager of one of Philadelphia's most prestigious jewelry stores. In addition to managing, I created eye-catching window and showcase displays - converted a storage room into an employee lounge - organized stock rooms and inventory - helped set up new stores and their visual merchandising campaigns.

Now, these skills are used to bring new life and order to homes and offices. Let’s face it, everyone is busy today – and we have less and less time to make our homes as warm, comfortable and efficient as we’d like them to be. I can help organize your lifestyle to allow you to spend more time with family and friends – and less time trying to find things and tackle seemingly endless ‘to do’ lists. 

Sometimes adding just a few special accessories can revitalize the look and feel of a room, and I have the contacts and resources to make sure each space is uniquely personal – and always within a client’s budget – large or small.

Are you a Senior looking to downsize? I’ll help you go through years of accumulated “stuff” and help you decide what to take and what to let go of. If you’re selling your home, I can help you stage it to show off the best features. Are you a busy professional? I'll help tackle those endless home projects you don't have the time to get to.

Your needs are foremost in considering how various ideas and possible alternatives for solutions can be achieved.'s about what is best for "you". This is your home and all about what makes you happy and comfortable.

We can both delight in the gratification and satisfaction of a beautifully completed project....... I can help you reclaim your space and bring creative order and peace to your home.

— Let’s get started! —