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"Karen McKinney, Owner of Main Line Organizing & Redesign is one of the most creative and talented decorators I've ever worked with. I think I've used every one of her services! One of the first projects she did for me , was "downsizing" a 3-bedroom home where every closet, nook and cranny was crammed with items that should have been dealt with years before. She not only de-cluttered all the public spaces and closets, she designed a pantry for storing kitchen appliances and foods. Her enthusiasm helped family members part with items that needed throwing out - and she found new ways to display treasures that had been hidden in drawers, gathering dust.

She organized a full-sized , eat-in kitchen, cleaning out and rearranging all the shelves, drawers and kitchen cabinets. She arranged the kitchen to be more accessible for a senior citizen with limited mobility, putting most used items within easy reach and lesser items in out of the way places. I should also mention that she's a perfectionist. Not only does she do thorough room designs, making sure everything is exactly right - she cleans as she goes, and like she was the "owner" of the home, not a contractor!

Karen also purchased key design items to make my home more beautiful and functional including side tables for lights, throw pillows, table lamps to go with particular bedroom themes and more. She also assembled furniture for another bedroom - and completely re-arranged a bedroom into an office and study for my graphic design company.

I strongly recommend her for any home design, home staging, or de-cluttering project. She has a unique talent for making tired rooms look fresh and new again. She would also be great helping people to prepare their homes to sell - and helping people with physical challenges rearrange their homes for easier living.

Her pricing is fair and she is very honest. I trusted her implicitly in making purchases on my behalf.

A very pleased customer........"

B.L. - King of Prussia


This endorsement of Karen McKinney's space refresher work is offered with great enthusiasm for her three main categories of expertise and contribution:"

Her concepts and ideas: "Karen has terrific experience and expertise in design, flow, and combining utility with grace and loveliness. My office needs to be both extremely easy to use and access---well and thoughtfully organized---but I also want it to be professional, lovely and restful---I spend a a lot of time there! Karen came up with some REALLY great ideas for the best use of my space which truly did organize and refresh the space and my use of it. I am finding it much easier now to actually use things like the table---now located near the bookcase and my desk, versus clear across the room, and yet with no crowding. I've been too close to it for too long---wanted to move things around but never would have thought of placing things as she did and it works so very much better."

Her personal business approach and style: "Karen worked with me patiently, considerately, and yet creatively. She is excellent at really listening to what the client wants, combining it with her ideas, and putting her self into what the needs and wants are of the client's style. Yes, even as she listens well, she also lets her very creative brain roam through "How can I do that and also offer the best use of the space in a useful and lovely way?" Both of those were desires for me. She'll offer suggestions and really partner---it's okay if I liked some of her ideas, and preferred a different approach for others---then, she'd find a way to go in that direction that worked very well."

The value: "For me, it went way beyond the actual cost. It has truly re-energized my use of my critical business space---I had reached the point of not wanting to work at all in my office. Now, I sigh with appreciation each time I step into it, and have actually been able to KEEP it cleaned up and useful---and enjoyable to be in!---to the standard we both aimed for."

"I certainly recommend Karen's professional expertise to help you---whatever type of space you and she are thinking to refresh and make the best use of..."

Lynn S. - Jeffersonville


"I've worked with Karen for several years and I strongly recommend her! She is attentive to her clients, friendly and approachable yet at all times professional. She is detail oriented, efficient and great at organizing and coordinating projects. These skills greatly benefit her clients . She takes time to understand her clients needs, formulates a direct solution and carries that solution to the clients satisfaction."

D.S. - Philadelphia